“The Poop Song” by Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches

We have this on going joke about how when either one of us is grumpy or not in a good mood we say “you got poop in your butt, go get the poop out” We have found this to be mostly true as we encounter in the medical field many a persons acting out when in fact are just full of poop and need to get it out. So we wrote a song about it…here it is…





If you’re feeling in a rut
Get the poop out of your butt

If you’re acting like a fool
maybe it’s just all that stool

Get the (get the poop)
Get the poop out of your butt

If it’s stress that you are holdin’
maybe exercise your colon

If you’re acting like a grump
you should try and take a dump


If you’re feeling kinda moody
maybe open up your booty

If you can’t just keep your cool
drop the kids off at the pool


When you can’t shake off the cranky
you can shake off Mr. Hanky

Feeling irritable and ho hum
channel your irritable bowel syndrome


When you are inconsolable
they make adult diapers disposable

If it’s emotions you’re investing
maybe check your large intestine

Final Chorus

Get the poop out of your butt

“The Wawa Song” by Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches

Our second official release of our new comedy song venture. This one is pretty straight forward we love Wawa and we want to tell you all about it. So take a listen and feel the craving set in as you salivate over the idea of shoving a Wawa hoagie in your face.

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“The Dad Song” by Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches

Your family neighborhood Sandwiches have been hard at work on a set of comedy songs. We have been writing for the past few months and have a handful of songs done and more in the writing stages. Our plan is to start playing some open mics and see where it goes!

This first release is the song we just call Dad Song. It’s about mostly blue collar white American dads, ok mostly just Joe’s dad. But we hope everyone enjoys it and stay tuned for more songs to be released as we find time to record them!


So without further ado here it is…


FEOS Podcast episode 39 – Poconoscast



Yes it’s another show about another road trip we took SO WHAT…

We decided to mosey to the Poconosey mountains where Joe spent most of his childhood. From Perkins to slowly driving past his childhood home to Camelback Mountain, we laid the memories on as thick as a Pennsylvania pretzel. This is a re-telling of all the little things we did on this weekend getaway, with a few discussions of nostalgia (the merits of Blockbuster video and video game rentals) salt and peppa-ed along the way. You’ll hear the classic vacation struggle story: trying to win a Jewish TY Beanie Baby Lion from a claw machine in a local brewery (it doesn’t end well, oy vey!). We were also in PA during the Superb Owl, but could’ve cared less. Unless, of course, football games were just the mascots fighting, which we think is WAY more interesting. Finally, we let the journey come to a close reflecting on your childhood, memories good and bad, and how this place you once called home helped bring you to where you are today. Thanks for listening, and go EAGLES!





Elmo the Grouch


Callie’s Candy Kitchen was my favorite place growing up the place is amazing just filled with chocolate and candy and owned and run by this sweet old couple I would always go when people came to visit from out of town and it was like the first place I wanted to make sure we went on our trip the place is adorable if you’re ever in the area it’s worth the trip.


I guess that’s it for this one. MOAR on the way sooooon…





FEOS Podcast Episode 38 – Montrealcast part deux

BONJOUR! Bienvenue à mes amis!
nous sommes ravis de vous apporter la deuxième partie de notre spectacle!
Tu ne veux pas écouter?

This part of the episode we talk about going to the Force Academy (when Grace got really aggresive) and Skiing (where they took it seriously) make sillys along the way and come out getting back through the border and visiting a ghost town




May the force be with you


Stay tuned for more episodes and a new original song by us called “Get The Poop Out of Your Butt”


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Au revoir!


FEOS Podcast Episode 37 – Montrealcast Part Un

Yes folks Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches is now International!

We drove over the border to hang out with out neighbors to the north and had a grand ol’ time. In this episode we talk about our trip and the fun cool things we did (and didn’t do). Lets face it things don’t always work out and we had to learn as we went but it was quite an adventure. So tune in to hear about the Biodome (Not starring Pauly Shore), the No Left Turns like they think it’s Jersey issue, weird perfect parking, incredibly delicious food and more!





Tea and cake or DEATH

I (Joe) was raised Catholic and even though it’s not my bag anymore that doesn’t take away from the sheer aesthetic beauty of some cathedrals and the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal really takes the cake.

But hang around and tune back in for the second half of the story we were kind of rushing through and realized we had more to tell so we will leave this one as a cliffhanger (WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT!?) So come back for part deux!

Say hello!



Until next time…

FEOS Podcast Episode 36 – The Last Jedi (A Love Story)

So this is mostly a review (aka why we loved it) of the newest Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We talk about it after seeing it a third time so it’s very vivid and fresh in our minds so it’s best if you like just watched it ha.

We also tell a few jokes to buffer the long high praise rant about one of our favorite films. Dad meme jokes and more Snickers stories for anyone not interested in the rest of the show. So give it a listen or don’t, live your life!



ren and rey

This is my “Jack and Rose”


Basically this movie has gotten a crazy amount of backlash from “Star Wars fans” about being garbage and that’s fine if this movie made you so mad that it did one thing or another to mess with your interpretation of the SW Universe I get it. But don’t be a dick. It’s just a movie and some people really enjoyed the movie. My goal isn’t to convince people to like it and I don’t want anyone convincing me to NOT like it. Cappesh? haha Let’s be entertained!


That’s that.


Also regardless of your stance on TLJ or any Star Wars movie everyone can agree that this is still like the funniest SNL skit




Ok all enjoy your day and go look at other posts on here for more jokes and stories from us!

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