FEOS Podcast Episode 36 – The Last Jedi (A Love Story)

So this is mostly a review (aka why we loved it) of the newest Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We talk about it after seeing it a third time so it’s very vivid and fresh in our minds so it’s best if you like just watched it ha.

We also tell a few jokes to buffer the long high praise rant about one of our favorite films. Dad meme jokes and more Snickers stories for anyone not interested in the rest of the show. So give it a listen or don’t, live your life!



ren and rey

This is my “Jack and Rose”


Basically this movie has gotten a crazy amount of backlash from “Star Wars fans” about being garbage and that’s fine if this movie made you so mad that it did one thing or another to mess with your interpretation of the SW Universe I get it. But don’t be a dick. It’s just a movie and some people really enjoyed the movie. My goal isn’t to convince people to like it and I don’t want anyone convincing me to NOT like it. Cappesh? haha Let’s be entertained!


That’s that.


Also regardless of your stance on TLJ or any Star Wars movie everyone can agree that this is still like the funniest SNL skit




Ok all enjoy your day and go look at other posts on here for more jokes and stories from us!

oh and if you haven’t already…



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