Episode 6 – Kobilcast f/Andrew Kobil

Howdy folks!

Today’s episode was a blast we had our buddy Andrew Kobil of Hi-Fi Gentry fame on the show and we had tons of laughs.

Music was the topic of the show, terrible music to be precise…We talked about terrible bands and songs and ideas for songs and all the messed up joke songs we could conjure up in our sick heads.

We learned a bit about Andrew and his music he even performed an acoustic version of his song Bold and Blue for the show which can be heard at the end.

Thank you to Andrew for being on and we hope you all enjoy!



The full band version of Bold and Blue (along with some other songs) can be heard on the Hi-Fi Gentry Reverb Nation page

Andrew can be seen playing live with his band or performing improv with his troup Spank Bank at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse so keep an eye our for him!

PS as an exclusive you can listen to the cheesy high school song Andrew wrote without commentary (although I’m not sure why you’d want to…) it’s called My Rescue so enjoy.

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