Episode 12 f/Hi-Fi Gentry

Full on full band podcast today! We sat and talked with Hi-Fi Gentry, a band from Denver, of which Joe is an active member. They play rock and roll music and hang out and make fun of each other…

In this episode we talk mostly band origins, the terribleness of Pay-to-Play shows, musical influences, worst shows ever played, #IGPMDIT, LA/NY vs Denver music scene and more!

We had a pretty ranty discussion about how music scenes work, what should and shouldn’t happen, but overall we had a good time!



If you enjoy all this talk about music, perhaps you can give a listen while you’re at it…just sayin…

Hi-Fi Facebook page

Stream some songs here

Upcoming shows for Hi-Fi Gentry are…

Feb. 26th at Lion’s Lair with Fairy Bones

March 6th at Deer Pile with Eve Marie Jennings, Professor Greenhouse and more…

Stay tuned, Next week’s guest will be local Denver Comedian Timmi Lasley!

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