FEOS Podcast Episode 26 – Animalcast

Hey folks, we’ve cooked up another one for you, hot and ready! In this episode we talk about animals; how we love them, view them, own them and eat them. We also delve into a little bit of our camping travels and how we cross paths with animals.

Animals are a source of joy for us, and we make them so whether they like it or not. Snickers, for example, our traditional domestic house cat has her own personality, which we most certainly assigned to her. She’s vulgar, she’s messy and she loves to dance to Elton John. Our Yankee bunny to the north, Ginger, lives a life of luxury on Long Island. A life better than most children can even dream of. Characters aren’t limited to just ones we know personally, but also those we see in their natural state. Wild animals are part of many an inside joke, which no one else heard of, until now…

There’s also a little dash of some anecdotes involving meeting our favorite animals, but more to come soon on that (come soon on that). Animals are awesome, and chances are you know one, have seen one, or yes, have even eaten one. So you should totally sit back, put a cat on your lap and a pup at your feet and enjoy this ‘cast we’ve crafted up for you!



Videos of said Pika that we saw at Guenella Pass will be in the next video blog episode so be sure to check that out



Meet Ginger “Money Bunny” Cronin the rodent that lives like a king!

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