FEOS Video Blog Series – Episode 9 “Fall Foliage 2016” (Crested Butte & Guanella Pass)

This might have been our favorite trip this year, mostly for the awe-inspiring colors we got to witness. We traveled almost 500 miles all around this beautiful state and saw some of the most incredible views and simple but amazing hikes. Getting to stand on top of mountains is something that never gets old it’s always a humbling experience.

We drove out of Denver, through Georgetown up and over Guanella Pass, down 285, over Cottonwood Pass and into Crested Butte where we stayed the night. This was only the first part of our fall foliage tour of 2016 and I’m so happy I was able to capture at least some of the beauty we encountered.



The real highlight was during our hike on Guanella Pass we made it to an outcrop of rocks that we named Pika Peak as it was home to at least 10 or 15 Pika which was adorable and great to see a cold climate animal thriving in this warming world.


Oh and did we mention we saw a coyote straight up MURDER a marmot? OH cause we did, we heard it and saw it. Nature is pretty incredible even when its ugly.


Music by Peter Moren, Bob Dylan, and Jon Brion


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