Episode 16 Wrestlecast

Hey there wrestling fans, do we have a treat for you! Today we sat down and told all of our stupid, albeit extensive and painfully specific WWF attitude-era related jokes. Including but not limited to: the Paul Bearer trilogy, Snickers singing entrance music, celebrating 3:16, HHH = Beast as human, and of course the puntastic Wrestaurant!

We want some participation on this one friends. Please listen and make up your own wrestling pun dishes that would be served at our punderful fake establishment and post them on Twitter or Facebook. We want more!



7a0c12de68720e266c98fb2ca58f3ec2 Paul Bearly Legal

Just a few more dishes you might order at the Wrestaurant…

  • Yoko Zucchini
  • Kurt Angel Hair Pasta
  • Goldbergers
  • Roasted Almond Johnson
  • DDT-Bone Steak

If you think of one (or several) tag us @FEOSpodcast and join in the fun


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