Episode 17 – Back to New York (Too Lady To Rest)

Dear family and friends back in the Newest of Yorks this episode is for you. In it we reflect back on our trip to the island of long where we got to spend some quality time with some great people.

We also talk about weird and funny things we saw, ramble on about stupid internet videos and pretty much all the usual stuff. Anyway it’s worth a listen if you think we are relatively funny, if not then just humor us (since we apparently can’t humor you…) and listen anyway cause it’s all in good fun. Mazel Mazel good things.



Also I was wrong, at one point we reference this video

How is babby formed?

And Grace nails it by saying it was in 2007 but I talk about how it was much older…it’s from ’07 my bad


but wait there’s more!


Don’t you hate it when you kick a real dog and it falls over?



And if you want to see stupid birds do weird things watch

Worm Charming

and since the internet is always one step ahead of me here is this…




We Love you all Marta.


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