Episode 18 Truthcast

Truth time: Truthcast

Hi guys! In this podcast we talk about some of the awesome and not-so-awesome things that have been going on in our lives lately. One awesome thing being Grace having moved to Denver via an amazing road trip together one year ago. We saw over 2,000 miles of America and we tell you a little about that; including being rejected by Wayne Coyne’s Womb and falling into the streets of Nashville laughing about Jeff Mangum and Anne Frank. We also touch upon a few hard times we’ve been having due to real life and the like, but this is life, so you have to learn to laugh about it.




You know, Anne Frank’s sister, Lisa Frank!

Also, have your met Hip Hop Dad? Well, he wants to meet you, and he’s got some discipline served up A La Nineties Hip Hop style.


We’ve got some more podcasts coming your way with some extra special guests, so stay tuned, ya fools!








Just a few pics from our road trip un year ago.

And as always…

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