FEOS Podcast Episode 42 – New Format, Who Dis?

We went and changed things up again folks! We are always trying new things and pushing ourselves to be better and this is one of those things.

The NEWWWWWW Podcast format will feature us performing our comedy songs along with some skits and stories via our weekly band practice. This version will be the “highlights reel” where we introduce song and joke ideas that will ultimately be worked into our live shows. Laughs will be had, notes will be played (and read) and guests are encouraged to reach out to be on the show! We look forward to bringing joy and fun to all.

So here is the first new format episode on our YouTube and if people are interested full episodes can be made available on our Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more so reach out with some feedback we would love to hear what you think!




This has been a slow growing project over the past few years of a married couple trying to find the right outlet for our silly creative ideas and humor so we hope you all enjoy the every changing and growing idea that is “Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches” and at the very least enjoy the ride because that’s what we are doing!

So much more to come like more podcast episodes new skits and songs stay hyped!

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FEOS Podcast Episode 41 – Musical Comedycast

Wow it’s been a while! Well after you listen to this episode it might be a bit more clear as to why we haven’t recorded a podcast in some time.

In this one we talk mostly about our new venture into musical comedy! We have been hard at work on creating a live show. It will be a collection of our jokes, skits and songs we have been creating over the years and we couldn’t be more excited about this project.

So have a listen as we talk about GEO the educational talking globe, Fish, Yeah that’s what it is!, Blue Bunny “It’s Weird, but, We do it!”, The Spaghetti Song and more…




hi five

Wait, what’s weird? and why do you do it? I have MORE questions now!


Also Pork is in fact the other white meat.

Also Also we talk about The Barn in Egremont, MA (our favorite local venue) so check them out!

We did our own Hot One’s challenge which will be released next week! (If you haven’t seen any episodes yet check them out, they are addicting)

Along with new songs, new podcast direction, live performances, videos and so much more!

So THANK YOU to any and all who have listened to this podcast over the years we intend on creating all kinds of new content for your ears and eyes to enjoy so stay with us we promise to entertain!

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FEOS Podcast Episode 40 – w/Joe Pane (part 1)

I can’t believe it took this long to get JP on the show but here we are. Joe Pane is one of our best friends and we were so happy to finally get a chance to sit down with him and hit record. We didn’t plan anything just talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

There is nothing to promote or plug but we did talk about our sponsors this week Joe Pane’s Propane for all your propane needs (not associated with Joe Pane the guest). We talk about how we became friends, bands we played in, concerts we attended, celebrities we’ve met, trips we’ve been on, films we made I’ll post links below for some of that.

So if you want to hear some good friends make each other laugh and reminisce about our organic relationships take a listen and stay tuned for part two where we argue about The Last Jedi and more…








After all these years we can still hang out make each other die laughing and have great conversations. JP is a swell fella and we hope to do this again real soon!

The last band we played in together was Riot Punch here is that music
We also made semi music videos for that band as well here are those videos
A short film I made in college featuring both Grace and Joe Pane
There are tons of videos of all our old stuff I’m sure Will Forthman has them…


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FEOS Podcast episode 39 – Poconoscast



Yes it’s another show about another road trip we took SO WHAT…

We decided to mosey to the Poconosey mountains where Joe spent most of his childhood. From Perkins to slowly driving past his childhood home to Camelback Mountain, we laid the memories on as thick as a Pennsylvania pretzel. This is a re-telling of all the little things we did on this weekend getaway, with a few discussions of nostalgia (the merits of Blockbuster video and video game rentals) salt and peppa-ed along the way. You’ll hear the classic vacation struggle story: trying to win a Jewish TY Beanie Baby Lion from a claw machine in a local brewery (it doesn’t end well, oy vey!). We were also in PA during the Superb Owl, but could’ve cared less. Unless, of course, football games were just the mascots fighting, which we think is WAY more interesting. Finally, we let the journey come to a close reflecting on your childhood, memories good and bad, and how this place you once called home helped bring you to where you are today. Thanks for listening, and go EAGLES!





Elmo the Grouch


Callie’s Candy Kitchen was my favorite place growing up the place is amazing just filled with chocolate and candy and owned and run by this sweet old couple I would always go when people came to visit from out of town and it was like the first place I wanted to make sure we went on our trip the place is adorable if you’re ever in the area it’s worth the trip.


I guess that’s it for this one. MOAR on the way sooooon…





FEOS Podcast Episode 34 – Zencast

Hey all, do you get easily stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you have way too much on your plate basically at all times? Of course you do because that’s the world we live in!

Well then this is the episode for you. We don’t make many jokes but we do talk about meditation, yoga, stress-filled modern society, habits, and pretty much all things in that category.

This is meant as a helpful guide or even a companion piece for you to listen along with and agree and relate with or call us out on our bullshit whatever you want to get out of this is up to you!







Yes DDP Yoga was my jumping off point and if you like wrestling or are a guy trying to get into yoga or any exercise at all…I think this is a great start and totally worth a shot!


Also helpful tools are phone apps some are free some are like $5 but even if they only get you thinking about trying to slow down a little and be in the moment just a little bit more then it’s a good thing!

Stop. Breathe. Think.


DDP Yoga Now


Do some research find out if there are any group yoga classes near you or group meditations you’d be surprised at how much better you feel with just a little bit of effort


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But for all things US you’ll find it on this website you’re currently on…so go explore!



FEOS Podcast Episode 30 – All The Jokes III


That should be a disclaimer that we just wear on our person because we get looks on the daily for always laughing, anyway back for another episode of silliness!

In this one we riff on some joke ideas we’ve had lately and have some fun, from things like Spider House Rules, Snickers and the mouse murders, Kingsman theme song, the sensitive subject of soft serve ice cream and more…



Oh also Grace finally won the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship and she was so excited about it she had to cut another heel promo about her win so here’s that.



What kind of stuff do YOU want to hear in future episodes? more recurring themes? do you enjoy when we have guests? do you want to be a guest!? BE OUR GUEST! Give us feedback and lets us know how we can improve for your listening pleasure cause we are having a blast either way ha.

Email us at feospodcast@gmail.com OR let’s be honest the only way you’re listening to this is if you know us personally so I’m sure you have our info (winky face)



sooooo, this movie isn’t about spiders or fraternities?

also Empire Did Nothing Wrong

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So say we all *FART*

FEOS Podcast Episode 29 – The Returncast (Welcome to The Berkshires!)

We are back for good this time folks!

The sandwiches have a new headquarters and will be turning out bi-weekly episodes for your beautiful ears (and sometimes eyes)

The half hour variety story/joke telling format continues as we go out on the search for new and interesting people to have a conversation with.

In this thrilling episode we talk briefly about the last year or so of us saving up money moving across the country and buying a house. We talk about meeting the neighbors and making the biggest mistake of their lives, Brooks Shields, BBQ dog, The Duel of the Prince of Tide and more




1996 – 2000


VRBO (what we thought it meant)

Virtual Reality Bed Other, Villa Ranch Bungalow Other, Valleys Roads Bridges Other, Very Racist Bisexuals Only

VRBO (what it actually stands for)

Vacation Rental By Owner.


Are you a comedian? a musician? Do you want to promote a show or something artistic of yours? you want to come over and hang out with us? Let’s chat!


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