FEOS Podcast Episode 29 – The Returncast (Welcome to The Berkshires!)

We are back for good this time folks!

The sandwiches have a new headquarters and will be turning out bi-weekly episodes for your beautiful ears (and sometimes eyes)

The half hour variety story/joke telling format continues as we go out on the search for new and interesting people to have a conversation with.

In this thrilling episode we talk briefly about the last year or so of us saving up money moving across the country and buying a house. We talk about meeting the neighbors and making the biggest mistake of their lives, Brooks Shields, BBQ dog, The Duel of the Prince of Tide and more




1996 – 2000


VRBO (what we thought it meant)

Virtual Reality Bed Other, Villa Ranch Bungalow Other, Valleys Roads Bridges Other, Very Racist Bisexuals Only

VRBO (what it actually stands for)

Vacation Rental By Owner.


Are you a comedian? a musician? Do you want to promote a show or something artistic of yours? you want to come over and hang out with us? Let’s chat!


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