FEOS Podcast Episode 30 – All The Jokes III


That should be a disclaimer that we just wear on our person because we get looks on the daily for always laughing, anyway back for another episode of silliness!

In this one we riff on some joke ideas we’ve had lately and have some fun, from things like Spider House Rules, Snickers and the mouse murders, Kingsman theme song, the sensitive subject of soft serve ice cream and more…



Oh also Grace finally won the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship and she was so excited about it she had to cut another heel promo about her win so here’s that.



What kind of stuff do YOU want to hear in future episodes? more recurring themes? do you enjoy when we have guests? do you want to be a guest!? BE OUR GUEST! Give us feedback and lets us know how we can improve for your listening pleasure cause we are having a blast either way ha.

Email us at feospodcast@gmail.com OR let’s be honest the only way you’re listening to this is if you know us personally so I’m sure you have our info (winky face)



sooooo, this movie isn’t about spiders or fraternities?

also Empire Did Nothing Wrong

As always stay tuned for the next episode (just like Dre) and for binge listening to old episodes…

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So say we all *FART*

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