FEOS Podcast Episode 31 – Road Tripcast

Sooooo as you all know we went from David Tennant to David Homeowner when we moved from Denver Colorado to Southwestern Massachusetts. Well in order to do this we had to drive our van and bring all our stuff, including of course our cat Snickers. This is that story. The places we stopped, the shenanigans we get into, and the funny and interesting things that happened along the way so if that sounds like something you want to listen to then click play and listen away!




Denver, CO–>La Mars, IA–>Chicago, IL–>Cleveland, OH–>Niagara Falls, NY–>Great Barrington, MA


TL;DR Blue Bunny factory is adorable, Chicago rules, Iowa is forever.

Thanks to all that listen to us we appreciate it let us know what you think and come back in 2 weeks for another one!

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Smell ya later!

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