FEOS Podcast Episode 32 – Hostcast

Our current flow of Airbnb guests lead the charge in this episode as we have hosted for only a few weeks and already met quite a few characters. So listen along as we tell you about some of them. Gilmore Girls fan club members, cartoonish allergic reactions, language barriers and more…

We also talk about our Which Nationality Personality Are You? Buzzfeed type quiz we made up, how I ended up watching Live Fatboy Slim videos and just shoot the shit on whatever comes up as we talk.

So enjoy!


every half a month you get a half hour of us, that’s like…an hour a month!


itieYou know it girl!!


Airbnb (or AirPinV) is rad, use it to travel and connect with real people! It’s better then hotels and typically cheaper. Things like this and rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber are the way of the future. Lets keep things like these thriving! Hotel and cab companies are dirty and rip you off. These apps aren’t perfect and can mess up but give them a chance if you haven’t already.


And to be fair Fatboy slim looks like a pretty fun live show…just sayin…


As always give a listen to old episodes if you want more laughs just scroll on down or for the lazy iTunes and Stitcher

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