FEOS Podcast Episode 33 – Cartooncast

In this jam packed episode these two animated humans talk about animation!

Our love of all things cartoons was the inspiration for this one. From growing up watching them to watching film festival animated shorts we mostly talk about how funny it is to think of real life as a cartoon and vice versa.

Tune in as we talk about Goofy’s attempted suicide, the mental and physical torture Jerry Mouse puts Tom Cat through, the 30’s male dominated writers room, as well as real life falling down stairs and into drum sets (in which our teeth of course become piano keys). We talk a lot and laugh too much and surprise each other constantly so come along for the fun won’t you?


I wont.



I no longer want to murder that rabbit I was just shooting at!


So I couldn’t find the video of Goofy trying to off himself with a shotgun but I did find a similar in taste Cracked article worth a run though


I heard of this new site called Twitter? we made one so you can follow us @FEOS_Podcast


The mobile version of this site seems to work just fine for listening to episodes so I say use this rather then all the links I always put up. Fuck it.


Until next time…


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