FEOS Podcast Episode 34 – Zencast

Hey all, do you get easily stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you have way too much on your plate basically at all times? Of course you do because that’s the world we live in!

Well then this is the episode for you. We don’t make many jokes but we do talk about meditation, yoga, stress-filled modern society, habits, and pretty much all things in that category.

This is meant as a helpful guide or even a companion piece for you to listen along with and agree and relate with or call us out on our bullshit whatever you want to get out of this is up to you!







Yes DDP Yoga was my jumping off point and if you like wrestling or are a guy trying to get into yoga or any exercise at all…I think this is a great start and totally worth a shot!


Also helpful tools are phone apps some are free some are like $5 but even if they only get you thinking about trying to slow down a little and be in the moment just a little bit more then it’s a good thing!

Stop. Breathe. Think.


DDP Yoga Now


Do some research find out if there are any group yoga classes near you or group meditations you’d be surprised at how much better you feel with just a little bit of effort


We make jokes on Twitter

We sometimes make videos on Youtube

But for all things US you’ll find it on this website you’re currently on…so go explore!



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