Episode 20 All The Jokes

Well ‘ello there! This week we covered a few new jokes, including, but not limited to: Pattie Boyd licking George Harrison’s teeth, a multi-holiday version of “Mambo #5,” how to get Beetlejuice to go away, severely misinterpreting the lyrics to late-nineties Santana songs, two foot tall Paul Simon (Small Simon) and Sir Paul McCartney not knowing the lyrics to his half a century old songs.



We should mention that after the recording of this podcast we realized that we were sorely incorrect in the telling of the Harrison-Clapton-Boyd love triangle, so don’t fact check us on that. Still, we like our re-telling a little bit better.



Pattie “Teef Liquor” Boyd

In addition, “Maria, Maria” is in fact not a Santana-Rob Thomas collaboration, although it’s safe to say we all wish there were more of those. We had a lot of fun expanding on jokes and making new ones. We hope you enjoy!



and just in case you wanted to be your very own Ravyn Maniac, you’re welcome.

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