Episode 22 w/ Matt Pane (part 1)

Howdy ho, folks! This week we have something special for you, part one of a TWO PART podcast! We had so many jokes and topics that we had to banana split it up. Matt Pane, one of our oldest and best friends from New York came to stay with us so we all could see Primus at Red Rocks (you only see your first Primus show once). More importantly, he sat down with us to talk about how the Joe James-Matt Pane 6 month difference came into fruition, when Grace met Matt during a wrestling match in an in-ground/above ground pool, awkward elevator moments in Vegas, the Hulk’s Bruce Banner sized dick, a brief detailing of the increds Primus show, and all of us ingesting stabby cheesy bread. So, pour yourself a glass of rum in honor of Matt Pane (he’s fine, he just likes rum) and get in on some of these inside jokes. Stay tuned for part two!




The best! The best! The best!

Please allow yourselves to travel back in time to Dec 16th, 2004 with this very crucial point in both Matt and Joe’s lives with this livejournal post

Also we talked about Electric Apricot which was a film by Les Claypool of Primus about jam bands. Yeah well the film still has a fully functional website so there’s that. But for reals you should see it.


is there ever a wrong time for a Paul Rudd face?

Also feel free to check out the line-up of the first Vegoose that we talked about.

You only see your first Primus show once.

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