Episode 22.5 w/ Matt Pane (part 2)

We are back with the second half of the Matt Panecast. In this half we talk about disc golf, paraplegic hockey, CSI Football, name jokes with Matt’s brother Joe Pane, not remembering old jokes, Lords of Dogtown and more. You can hear our increasing intoxication as we drank dark and stormies and reminisce about old times. This is mostly all inside jokes and stories but if you want to attempt to follow along and laugh we always appreciate when you check it out. Enjoy 🙂




We mention Crispin Glover’s weird ass album he made back in ’89 it’s bizzare and hilarious and you can read more about it here and then just listen for yourself

We also reference a ridiculous radio station prank call involving John Cena and fake wrestling terms that we think are pretty entertaining

But mostly thanks for listening and thanks to Matt for coming to visit and being awesome.


I’m addicted to the CHAINS!!!

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