Episode 23 All The All The Jokes (the second)

We’ve missed you beautiful people, and we come bearing gifts of comedy! This is another edition of All the Jokes where we try a variety of joke ideas we’ve been working on and set them free like a wily pack’a badgers. We touch on a few concepts such as Google Maps for ghosts, the oddity of holiday-themed shows at zoos but with the uncomfortable absence of animals, an off-color talking globe named Geo, still we continue to mercilessly butcher the British accent, and, most importantly, discuss the touchy subject of characters of your childhood disintegrating into a fiery patriotic blaze. We’re excited to be back, and we hope you enjoy!



Lest we forget the magician picking up chicks instructional video

We mention a local comedian group here in Denver called The Fine Gentlemen’s Club who are a great group of funny guys that you should all know about.

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen being incredible

and last but not least the brand new amazing knowledge that it was supposed to be Big Bird as the passenger on the Space Shuttle Challenger thanks Eli Yudin


You’re Welcome.

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