FEOS Podcast Episode 33 – Cartooncast

In this jam packed episode these two animated humans talk about animation!

Our love of all things cartoons was the inspiration for this one. From growing up watching them to watching film festival animated shorts we mostly talk about how funny it is to think of real life as a cartoon and vice versa.

Tune in as we talk about Goofy’s attempted suicide, the mental and physical torture Jerry Mouse puts Tom Cat through, the 30’s male dominated writers room, as well as real life falling down stairs and into drum sets (in which our teeth of course become piano keys). We talk a lot and laugh too much and surprise each other constantly so come along for the fun won’t you?


I wont.



I no longer want to murder that rabbit I was just shooting at!


So I couldn’t find the video of Goofy trying to off himself with a shotgun but I did find a similar in taste Cracked article worth a run though


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Until next time…


FEOS Podcast Episode 32 – Hostcast

Our current flow of Airbnb guests lead the charge in this episode as we have hosted for only a few weeks and already met quite a few characters. So listen along as we tell you about some of them. Gilmore Girls fan club members, cartoonish allergic reactions, language barriers and more…

We also talk about our Which Nationality Personality Are You? Buzzfeed type quiz we made up, how I ended up watching Live Fatboy Slim videos and just shoot the shit on whatever comes up as we talk.

So enjoy!


every half a month you get a half hour of us, that’s like…an hour a month!


itieYou know it girl!!


Airbnb (or AirPinV) is rad, use it to travel and connect with real people! It’s better then hotels and typically cheaper. Things like this and rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber are the way of the future. Lets keep things like these thriving! Hotel and cab companies are dirty and rip you off. These apps aren’t perfect and can mess up but give them a chance if you haven’t already.


And to be fair Fatboy slim looks like a pretty fun live show…just sayin…


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All you need is love


FEOS Podcast Episode 31 – Road Tripcast

Sooooo as you all know we went from David Tennant to David Homeowner when we moved from Denver Colorado to Southwestern Massachusetts. Well in order to do this we had to drive our van and bring all our stuff, including of course our cat Snickers. This is that story. The places we stopped, the shenanigans we get into, and the funny and interesting things that happened along the way so if that sounds like something you want to listen to then click play and listen away!




Denver, CO–>La Mars, IA–>Chicago, IL–>Cleveland, OH–>Niagara Falls, NY–>Great Barrington, MA


TL;DR Blue Bunny factory is adorable, Chicago rules, Iowa is forever.

Thanks to all that listen to us we appreciate it let us know what you think and come back in 2 weeks for another one!

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Smell ya later!

FEOS Podcast Episode 30 – All The Jokes III


That should be a disclaimer that we just wear on our person because we get looks on the daily for always laughing, anyway back for another episode of silliness!

In this one we riff on some joke ideas we’ve had lately and have some fun, from things like Spider House Rules, Snickers and the mouse murders, Kingsman theme song, the sensitive subject of soft serve ice cream and more…



Oh also Grace finally won the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship and she was so excited about it she had to cut another heel promo about her win so here’s that.



What kind of stuff do YOU want to hear in future episodes? more recurring themes? do you enjoy when we have guests? do you want to be a guest!? BE OUR GUEST! Give us feedback and lets us know how we can improve for your listening pleasure cause we are having a blast either way ha.

Email us at feospodcast@gmail.com OR let’s be honest the only way you’re listening to this is if you know us personally so I’m sure you have our info (winky face)



sooooo, this movie isn’t about spiders or fraternities?

also Empire Did Nothing Wrong

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So say we all *FART*

FEOS Podcast Episode 29 – The Returncast (Welcome to The Berkshires!)

We are back for good this time folks!

The sandwiches have a new headquarters and will be turning out bi-weekly episodes for your beautiful ears (and sometimes eyes)

The half hour variety story/joke telling format continues as we go out on the search for new and interesting people to have a conversation with.

In this thrilling episode we talk briefly about the last year or so of us saving up money moving across the country and buying a house. We talk about meeting the neighbors and making the biggest mistake of their lives, Brooks Shields, BBQ dog, The Duel of the Prince of Tide and more




1996 – 2000


VRBO (what we thought it meant)

Virtual Reality Bed Other, Villa Ranch Bungalow Other, Valleys Roads Bridges Other, Very Racist Bisexuals Only

VRBO (what it actually stands for)

Vacation Rental By Owner.


Are you a comedian? a musician? Do you want to promote a show or something artistic of yours? you want to come over and hang out with us? Let’s chat!


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FEOS Podcast Episode 28 – Hallowcast 2.0

In this half video/half audio podcast we try a new segment called “Teach’n Joey” where Grace tries to teach Joe about the Salem Witch trials.

Joe is a well know terrible listener so lets see if Grace can use humor to attract his attention to the story…

For some reason halfway through the video stopped so enjoy our silly faces for the first half and our loud voices to carry it home.



This is our attempt to try and bring a bit more structure to the show with repeating segments and fun new ways to make you laugh with us so enjoy!

Oh and hey,

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FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship (First In A Lifetime) (VIDEO)

In a Free (not so live) Pay-Per View Event Grace vs Joe in a best out of 5 series to determine the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey CHAMPION!!!!!

So we played, someone one won one, then two, then three, to take the title (it was me, Joe) and then we did commentary over it for your extra enjoyment.

So hear us laugh and try to commentate and narrate this video of us playing air hockey in a Game Works in Stapleton.

We talk about how Grace broke a puck in a (not seen in this video) game we played and how crazy that is (who breaks a puck!?)

Stay tuned for the rematch!