FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship (First In A Lifetime) (VIDEO)

In a Free (not so live) Pay-Per View Event Grace vs Joe in a best out of 5 series to determine the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey CHAMPION!!!!!

So we played, someone one won one, then two, then three, to take the title (it was me, Joe) and then we did commentary over it for your extra enjoyment.

So hear us laugh and try to commentate and narrate this video of us playing air hockey in a Game Works in Stapleton.

We talk about how Grace broke a puck in a (not seen in this video) game we played and how crazy that is (who breaks a puck!?)

Stay tuned for the rematch!


FEOS Video Blog Series – Episode 10 “Fall Foliage 2016 (Kebler Pass & Maroon Bells)”

Since this fall foliage tour of the Rockies was so vast we had to make this a 2 parter. We were truly in awe on this trip at the incredible sights we got to see. These trees up close and from afar are stunning and majestic. I’m so glad we were able to capture some of this beauty and share it with all of you. Please sit back and relax and enjoy this video and stay tuned for more adventures from the sandwiches.



We promise we will bring more of the funny stuff soon just gotta get all this pretty stuff out of the way…

lubz JJ


FEOS Podcast Episode 27 – Birthdaycast 2.0

So it was Grace’s birthday and we went our traditional Boulder adventure bike ride and brewery tour we talk about that trip and our terrible customer service, how we say things wrong on a regular basis, making very topical president jokes (truth time we didn’t) KomPOOCHa, soft young boys, aggressive song lyrics, and more




Listen to CAKE and go see them live.


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Jump around.

Jump around.

Jump around.




FEOS Video Blog Series – Episode 9 “Fall Foliage 2016” (Crested Butte & Guanella Pass)

This might have been our favorite trip this year, mostly for the awe-inspiring colors we got to witness. We traveled almost 500 miles all around this beautiful state and saw some of the most incredible views and simple but amazing hikes. Getting to stand on top of mountains is something that never gets old it’s always a humbling experience.

We drove out of Denver, through Georgetown up and over Guanella Pass, down 285, over Cottonwood Pass and into Crested Butte where we stayed the night. This was only the first part of our fall foliage tour of 2016 and I’m so happy I was able to capture at least some of the beauty we encountered.



The real highlight was during our hike on Guanella Pass we made it to an outcrop of rocks that we named Pika Peak as it was home to at least 10 or 15 Pika which was adorable and great to see a cold climate animal thriving in this warming world.


Oh and did we mention we saw a coyote straight up MURDER a marmot? OH cause we did, we heard it and saw it. Nature is pretty incredible even when its ugly.


Music by Peter Moren, Bob Dylan, and Jon Brion


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Get out into nature!

FEOS Podcast Episode 26 – Animalcast

Hey folks, we’ve cooked up another one for you, hot and ready! In this episode we talk about animals; how we love them, view them, own them and eat them. We also delve into a little bit of our camping travels and how we cross paths with animals.

Animals are a source of joy for us, and we make them so whether they like it or not. Snickers, for example, our traditional domestic house cat has her own personality, which we most certainly assigned to her. She’s vulgar, she’s messy and she loves to dance to Elton John. Our Yankee bunny to the north, Ginger, lives a life of luxury on Long Island. A life better than most children can even dream of. Characters aren’t limited to just ones we know personally, but also those we see in their natural state. Wild animals are part of many an inside joke, which no one else heard of, until now…

There’s also a little dash of some anecdotes involving meeting our favorite animals, but more to come soon on that (come soon on that). Animals are awesome, and chances are you know one, have seen one, or yes, have even eaten one. So you should totally sit back, put a cat on your lap and a pup at your feet and enjoy this ‘cast we’ve crafted up for you!



Videos of said Pika that we saw at Guenella Pass will be in the next video blog episode so be sure to check that out



Meet Ginger “Money Bunny” Cronin the rodent that lives like a king!

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Live your life!


FEOS Video Blog Series – Episode 8 “Spring Cave and beyond”

This was probably the most legit adventure we have ever had. We traveled to what felt like a very unexplored part of Colorado and drove on tons of dirt roads and camped in some desolate spots and hiked to this amazing open cave.

It was nothing short of incredible, climbing up and down rusty ladders, crawling on our hands and knees (and sometimes tummies!) getting dirty and loving every moment of it. We made it all the way down to a rushing river deep in the cave and felt like real adventurers. No guides, no real equipment besides a headlamp and our camel backs it was great.

We also hiked the infamous Hanging Lake, drove on scenic byways, and spent a day in Steamboat Springs biking around and enjoying the beautiful mountain town.



Listen for the kid at Hanging Lake that really doesn’t want to be there for 10 minutes.


Music by Paper Bird and Courtney Barnett



FEOS Podcast Episode 25 – We’re Back!

Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches Aka Joe and Grace are back in audio form!

After about a year hiatus from doing the podcast we decided to fire it back up and get back into it. In this episode we talk about our new air hockey championship belt and tournament we update you guys on what we’ve been up to and most of our future endeavors. We tell a few new jokes shaking the rust off and just having some fun.

So join us as we talk about having poop in your butt, Snicker’s Doodles, hot soup, and more

Also if you are interested in hanging out with us and being our guest just let us know we love promoting comedians and bands and friends so get at us!



Feel free to explore our youtube page and our website for more content of us being idiots and or exploring we don’t really have any reason for all this other then our own entertainment and hopefully yours!


We know the character names and that’s about it…



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