FEOS Podcast Episode 37 – Montrealcast Part Un

Yes folks Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches is now International!

We drove over the border to hang out with out neighbors to the north and had a grand ol’ time. In this episode we talk about our trip and the fun cool things we did (and didn’t do). Lets face it things don’t always work out and we had to learn as we went but it was quite an adventure. So tune in to hear about the Biodome (Not starring Pauly Shore), the No Left Turns like they think it’s Jersey issue, weird perfect parking, incredibly delicious food and more!





Tea and cake or DEATH

I (Joe) was raised Catholic and even though it’s not my bag anymore that doesn’t take away from the sheer aesthetic beauty of some cathedrals and the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal really takes the cake.

But hang around and tune back in for the second half of the story we were kind of rushing through and realized we had more to tell so we will leave this one as a cliffhanger (WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT!?) So come back for part deux!

Say hello!



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FEOS Podcast Episode 36 – The Last Jedi (A Love Story)

So this is mostly a review (aka why we loved it) of the newest Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We talk about it after seeing it a third time so it’s very vivid and fresh in our minds so it’s best if you like just watched it ha.

We also tell a few jokes to buffer the long high praise rant about one of our favorite films. Dad meme jokes and more Snickers stories for anyone not interested in the rest of the show. So give it a listen or don’t, live your life!



ren and rey

This is my “Jack and Rose”


Basically this movie has gotten a crazy amount of backlash from “Star Wars fans” about being garbage and that’s fine if this movie made you so mad that it did one thing or another to mess with your interpretation of the SW Universe I get it. But don’t be a dick. It’s just a movie and some people really enjoyed the movie. My goal isn’t to convince people to like it and I don’t want anyone convincing me to NOT like it. Cappesh? haha Let’s be entertained!


That’s that.


Also regardless of your stance on TLJ or any Star Wars movie everyone can agree that this is still like the funniest SNL skit




Ok all enjoy your day and go look at other posts on here for more jokes and stories from us!

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FEOS Podcast Episode 35 – Christmascast 3.0


We celebrated Christmas this year in our new home in the Berkshires had some friends over went and looked at Christmas lights saw The Last Jedi again and ate and drank too much haha but we threw the mics on and recorded our jubilant voices for this edition of the Christmascast.

So listen along as we talk about Christmas, Snickers, Comedy, loud voices and more…






Shout out to Bright Nights in Springfield, MA it was a lovely experience

and also to Holiday Light Fantasia in Hartford, CT


Not much else to say hope everyone had a lovely holiday and may you and your family be happy and healthy

And for kicks here’s our live Christmas podcast from 2 years ago


FEOS Podcast Episode 34 – Zencast

Hey all, do you get easily stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you have way too much on your plate basically at all times? Of course you do because that’s the world we live in!

Well then this is the episode for you. We don’t make many jokes but we do talk about meditation, yoga, stress-filled modern society, habits, and pretty much all things in that category.

This is meant as a helpful guide or even a companion piece for you to listen along with and agree and relate with or call us out on our bullshit whatever you want to get out of this is up to you!







Yes DDP Yoga was my jumping off point and if you like wrestling or are a guy trying to get into yoga or any exercise at all…I think this is a great start and totally worth a shot!


Also helpful tools are phone apps some are free some are like $5 but even if they only get you thinking about trying to slow down a little and be in the moment just a little bit more then it’s a good thing!

Stop. Breathe. Think.


DDP Yoga Now


Do some research find out if there are any group yoga classes near you or group meditations you’d be surprised at how much better you feel with just a little bit of effort


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FEOS Podcast Episode 33 – Cartooncast

In this jam packed episode these two animated humans talk about animation!

Our love of all things cartoons was the inspiration for this one. From growing up watching them to watching film festival animated shorts we mostly talk about how funny it is to think of real life as a cartoon and vice versa.

Tune in as we talk about Goofy’s attempted suicide, the mental and physical torture Jerry Mouse puts Tom Cat through, the 30’s male dominated writers room, as well as real life falling down stairs and into drum sets (in which our teeth of course become piano keys). We talk a lot and laugh too much and surprise each other constantly so come along for the fun won’t you?


I wont.



I no longer want to murder that rabbit I was just shooting at!


So I couldn’t find the video of Goofy trying to off himself with a shotgun but I did find a similar in taste Cracked article worth a run though


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FEOS Podcast Episode 32 – Hostcast

Our current flow of Airbnb guests lead the charge in this episode as we have hosted for only a few weeks and already met quite a few characters. So listen along as we tell you about some of them. Gilmore Girls fan club members, cartoonish allergic reactions, language barriers and more…

We also talk about our Which Nationality Personality Are You? Buzzfeed type quiz we made up, how I ended up watching Live Fatboy Slim videos and just shoot the shit on whatever comes up as we talk.

So enjoy!


every half a month you get a half hour of us, that’s like…an hour a month!


itieYou know it girl!!


Airbnb (or AirPinV) is rad, use it to travel and connect with real people! It’s better then hotels and typically cheaper. Things like this and rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber are the way of the future. Lets keep things like these thriving! Hotel and cab companies are dirty and rip you off. These apps aren’t perfect and can mess up but give them a chance if you haven’t already.


And to be fair Fatboy slim looks like a pretty fun live show…just sayin…


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FEOS Podcast Episode 31 – Road Tripcast

Sooooo as you all know we went from David Tennant to David Homeowner when we moved from Denver Colorado to Southwestern Massachusetts. Well in order to do this we had to drive our van and bring all our stuff, including of course our cat Snickers. This is that story. The places we stopped, the shenanigans we get into, and the funny and interesting things that happened along the way so if that sounds like something you want to listen to then click play and listen away!




Denver, CO–>La Mars, IA–>Chicago, IL–>Cleveland, OH–>Niagara Falls, NY–>Great Barrington, MA


TL;DR Blue Bunny factory is adorable, Chicago rules, Iowa is forever.

Thanks to all that listen to us we appreciate it let us know what you think and come back in 2 weeks for another one!

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