FEOS Video Blog Series – Episode 8 “Spring Cave and beyond”

This was probably the most legit adventure we have ever had. We traveled to what felt like a very unexplored part of Colorado and drove on tons of dirt roads and camped in some desolate spots and hiked to this amazing open cave.

It was nothing short of incredible, climbing up and down rusty ladders, crawling on our hands and knees (and sometimes tummies!) getting dirty and loving every moment of it. We made it all the way down to a rushing river deep in the cave and felt like real adventurers. No guides, no real equipment besides a headlamp and our camel backs it was great.

We also hiked the infamous Hanging Lake, drove on scenic byways, and spent a day in Steamboat Springs biking around and enjoying the beautiful mountain town.



Listen for the kid at Hanging Lake that really doesn’t want to be there for 10 minutes.


Music by Paper Bird and Courtney Barnett



FEOS Podcast Episode 25 – We’re Back!

Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches Aka Joe and Grace are back in audio form!

After about a year hiatus from doing the podcast we decided to fire it back up and get back into it. In this episode we talk about our new air hockey championship belt and tournament we update you guys on what we’ve been up to and most of our future endeavors. We tell a few new jokes shaking the rust off and just having some fun.

So join us as we talk about having poop in your butt, Snicker’s Doodles, hot soup, and more

Also if you are interested in hanging out with us and being our guest just let us know we love promoting comedians and bands and friends so get at us!



Feel free to explore our youtube page and our website for more content of us being idiots and or exploring we don’t really have any reason for all this other then our own entertainment and hopefully yours!


We know the character names and that’s about it…



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Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship

Yes you heard us right. We decided to create a belt for a tournament of air hockey games that we will face each other in. Here is the belt, and some promos to get you hyped for the match of a lifetime!



Grace’s Promo



Joe’s Promo



Let the games begin!